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Special Equipment

CheongShim Peace World Center offers a media experience on a level never before seen in the traditional performing arts world, and utilizes cutting-edge facilities and equipment to play a prominent role in developing the culture and arts world. CheongShim Peace World Center’s unrivaled equipment includes a portable lift stage and bi-directional turn-table stage. These stages are used in performances within the Center, as well as during events and productions. This world-class infrastructure allows clients to move the audience and effectively convey special stories.

Turn Table Stage

Basic Introduction and Features

The World Center’s turntable stage is constructed with a 10.8-meter diameter turn ring and a 7.2-meter diameter turn disk. The rotating surface detaches and the two stages can rotate in opposite directions, which allows for a dynamic and dramatic stage conversion and various staging. The designer of the turntable stage on the musical, “Empress Myeong-Sung,” advised on the design of CheongShim Peace World Center’s turntable stage, and it was used in the musical, “Sopyonjae.”

It was created as the first stable and large-scaled portable turntable stage in Korea. A minimum height of 200 millimeters was achieved successfully for the first time in Korea and it received recognition for this function in the musical, “Sopyonjae.” In the future, equipment will be available for rental for various works. This includes the Stage Filler that surrounds the turntable Stage and the custom-made Catch Lock method. These allow for a convenient and safe installation of the surrounding stage.

Equipment Specifications

* Moving Stage, Lifts

Equipment Specifications
Stage Standards
7,170mm diameter turn table,
10,800mm diameter turn ring
Basic Stage
12,200mm x 10,980mm
Stage Height
200mm Actual Weight Rotating Surface Only: 1.5 Tons,
Including the Stage: 2 Tons
Maximum Weight Capacity About 5 tons Materials Wooden Plywood, Metal,
Various Pipes
Feeler Total 63
L2,440x W1,220x H200
Maximum Stage Size
(Including Feeler)
21,960mm x 14,640mm
32 Circular Surface Sections,
12 Surrounding Square Surface Sections
Stage Surface 15T Wooden Plywood, Black,
Flame-proof brominate, Secured by Velcro
Lock Type Solid Lock Through Catch Lock Method Motor Revolution Count/ Speed Rev Count: 1,735 RPM @60hz (Basic) Revolution Speed: 72 r/min
Speed 4hz (Minimum)~ 90hz (Maximum) Control System Console with 5 Location Memory
Power Supply 3Sets 4 Wires 380V Electricity Usage Under a Total of 5Kw
Drivehead Capacity 0.75Kw, Total 6 Motor SPG Electric-Powered Geared Motor Reduction Gear Ratio: 25:1


  • - SPG Electric-Powered Geared Motor Reduction Gear Ratio: 25:1
  • - “Crown of Glory” (CheongShim Peace World Center)

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