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Venue Fees

Venue Fees
Category AM PM Night All Day Basic
Venue Fee
Time 09:00~12:00 13:00~18:00 19:00~22:00 09:00~22:00
Fees 2,880,000 4,800,000 4,320,000 12,000,000

* Fees for rental during times other than those indicated above will be 1,200,000 won per hour.
  (A surcharge of 30% of the average venue fee will accrue.)
* A 10% discount is offered for long-term rentals exceeding ten days.

Additional Facility Rental Fees
(Standard rental times are between 09:00~22:00, per day)

Additional Facility Rental Fees
Category Additional Facilities Furnished Facilities Quantity Fee (By Unit)
Dressing Room Large Dressing Room Basic 1 Room 72,000
Medium Dressing Room Basic 2 Rooms 30,000
Small Dressing Room Basic 1 Room 24,000
Dressing Room
Bath room
(Included in shower)
4 Rooms 84,000
Sporting Event
Staff C (Athlete Waiting Room) shower,
dressing room
2 Rooms 250,000
Staff B (Coach Room) Basic 2 Rooms 24,000
Staff A (Referee Room) Basic 2 Rooms 24,000
Other Additional Facilities Business Center Basic 1 Room 360,000
Event Hall Basic 1 Room 460,000
VIP Room and Skybox Basic 1 Room 1,500,000

Technical Support Facility Rental Fees

Technical Support Facility Rental Fees
Part Type Equipment Name Fee (By Unit)
Lighting Console Grand MA 2 2ea 100,000
NPU 1ea 50,000
Moving Light Splitter (charge for additional usage /
4 are provided automatically)
10ea 10,000
Spot 4ea 20,000
Wash 9ea 20,000
Convention Light Fresnel 80ea Included in basic venue fee
Source four Zoom 40ea 6,000
Source four Standard 24ea 5,000
Parlight 140ea 1,000
Machine Strober 2ea 20,000
Fog Machine[Fluid separate] 1ea 20,000
Hazer Machine[Fluid separate] 2ea 15,000
Fan Machine 2ea 10,000
Sound–Main Console Mixing Console Yamaha DM2000VCM 1ea 50,000
Speaker Main Meyer M3D 18ea 1,500,000
MILO 4ea
MILO120 4ea
Side Fill Meyer JM-1P 10ea
Delay Meyer UPQ-1P 14ea
Back Fill Meyer UPQ-1P 12ea
Center Fill Meyer UPQ-1P 2ea
Processor Meyer-Galileo616 3ea
Sound–Additions Console Mixing Console Yamaha PM-5D 1ea 140,000
Stage Box Yamaha DSP-5D 1ea
Speaker Front Fill Meyer JM1P [Top] *2 2set 60,000
Sub Woofer Meyer 700HP *2
Stage Monitor Meyer MJF-212A 4ea 10,000
Mic W/L Hand Sennheiser SKM-3072 [900MHz] 6ch 640,000
W/L Pin Sennheiser SK-3063 [900MHz] 2ch
Sennheiser SK-5102 [500MHz] 2ch
Video Camera Panasonic-AK-HC1800 6ea 50,000
Network HD-SDI Light Transmission (BNC) 1set Included in basic venue fee
Optical fiber cable patch and generator truck docking 1set 150,000
switcher and System For A-HVS350HS System 1set 500,000
Subtitles Gen-CG 1set
Display Four-sided Electronic
Display Board
Samik (640*480) 1set 1,100,000
Hall Monitors LG Flatron 42”*43 1set 150,000
Stage Stage Surface System Set Batten System 19 Included in basic venue fee
Lighting Bridge System 4 Included in basic venue fee
Lighting Suspension System 1 Included in basic venue fee
PLC Control Console 2 Included in basic venue fee
Stage System Moving Stage 1 5,000,000 / A single rotation
Turn Table 1 2,200,000 / A single rotation
Flooring 78 10,000
Folding Portable Stage 10 30,000
Safety Fence JP Fence 500 1,000

 Beautification Category Fees

 Beautification Category Fees
Category Price Notes
Waste disposal costs 2,000,000Won -

* Movable Seating and sheet covers are provided.
* Gas, electricity, water or any other utility expenses will be calculated separately according to actual usage and    additional beautification fees.
* Requested manpower for stage, lighting, sound and video management are charged separately.
   (Personnel expenses, including meals and lodging: 200,000 won per day per person)
* Concerning the moving stage and turntable, the above-mentioned prices will only apply when the equipment is
   actually used. Personnel needed for installation and dismantling of equipment will be covered by the client.
* Rental of additional sound and video equipment will incur a fixed-rate charge.
* The above prices do not include surtax.