Seating Chart

Facilities Seating Chart
    • Basement Floor1
    • 1F
    • 2F
    • Wheelchair Seat
    • Press Seat
    • FOH
    • GATE

Upper Floors 1st and 2nd Floors : Wheelchair Accessible Seats Press Box FOH GATE
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Seating Numbers : East Gate-1st Floor-Gate 19-Section A-Row 12- Number 13

※ Please follow the example above when indicating seating on tickets.

※ Please consult the venue manager on seating designation beforehand to ensure smooth event progression.

※ Enter the floor and section in the seating chart to confirm the location of the seat.

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  • 게이트

Total: 16,979 seats Wheelchair seats: 58seats Press seat: 40seats FOH: 1st Floor J Zone Front of 1Line
Basement floor 1: 1,810 seats
1F: 4,987 seats
2F: 10,182 seats
1stFloor F、G、H Section、
L,M,N Area
Position on top of the rear
1stFloorQ、P rear of 11 line JArea7〜10 line has some disability
occurs in stage。