Venue Requesting and Procedures

Venue Information Venue Requesting and Procedures

Request by E-mail

- Download the Venue Request Form and provide all necessary information accurately and completely.
  Register by attaching the venue request form and event program by e-mail.

Forms to be Submitted

- 1 each of Venue Request and event program (according to the guidelines)

  • Registration Contact : Venue Manager, Hyung-Gyu Jang
  • E-mail :
  • Address : Kyeonggi-Do Kapyeong-Gun Sorakmyun Misari Road 258 CheongShim Peace World Center
      Attention Venue Manager
  • Contact Number : +82-31-589-5200

Additional Information

  • Please send any other attachments to the address or e-mail above.
        (Only attachments sent before the closing date will be accepted.)
  • Performance and Event Program Forms (event introduction, advertising, marketing plans, etc.),
       videos and other files worth reviewing.
  • 1 form for each performance and corresponding host and event, business registration certificate

Procedures for Request

Procedures for Request
Order Content Required documents for rental
Rental Announcement • Regular Rental :
- It will be announced through CheongShim Peace World
   Center Homepage(
- It will be progressed in two phases, the first half (Jan.
   to Jun.) and the second half of year (Jul. to Dec.).

• Irregular Rental : Please contact person in charge of
   venue rental.
(Tel 031-589-5200, Hyun-Jeong Kim)
Rental reception / Application • You can e-mail us for reception, please send us a rental
   application and an event plan.

• Application deadline is according to the schedule of
   regular and irregular rental.
• Rental application
• Event plan (use the form of
   CheongShim Peace World
• Copy of business registration
   certificate, company
• Event plan(use the form of
Rental review and notification • Review : Decision shall be made after organizing a self-
   review committee based on internal regulations.

• Notice: Notices are made exclusively to the applied
   party after the final decision of the review committee
   and final schedule has been adjusted.

   ① Regular rental ; you can be informed of the result
       within 30days after the application period.
   ② Irregular rental ; you can be informed of the result
       within 14 days after the application has been
Contract • You can sign an agreement with CheongShim Peace
   World Center within 10 days after the day of informed
   of the result.

• Please bring your business registration certificate or
   ID card and the representative seal.

• You can pay for the rental according to the regulations
   for rental.
• Application form for Accessory
• Application form for technical
   support facilities
Application for event operation • Please contact the person in charge of venue rental and discuss the event procedure and using of accessory facilities 2 weeks before the day of the event.
Staff meeting • Please contact the person in charge of venue rental
   and discuss the schedule of staff meeting 2 weeks
   before the day of the event.

• Staff meeting particulars
- Operation meeting ; Venue & Contents Team
- Technical meeting ; Stage Techniques team
• Stage set up and use plan
• Work declaration form
• Written consent for Safety
Event operations and strike/ Load out • Please sign a confirmation of damaged and lost assets
   regarding asset details of CheongShim Peace World

• Please submit a confirmation regarding of the extra use
   of accessory facilities.
Event closure and settlements • Billing of the actual expenses and payment of such
• The billing statement will reflect the extra usage
• The billing statement will reflect the lost or damaged.

※ Please refer to the World Center Venue Guidelines for detailed information.
※ Venue Contact: Contact Number: 031-589-5200 / Venue Manager, Hyun-Jeong Kim