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CheongShim Peace World Center offers a media experience on a level never before seen in the traditional performing arts world, and utilizes cutting-edge facilities and equipment to play a prominent role in developing the culture and arts world. CheongShim Peace World Center’s unrivaled equipment includes a portable lift stage and bi-directional turn-table stage. These stages are used in performances within the Center, as well as during events and productions. This world-class infrastructure allows clients to move the audience and effectively convey special stories.

Moving Stage

Basic Introduction and Features

The moving stage is 14.4m wide, 5.4 m deep, reaches a height of 5.2m and can be lowered to 1.8m. Benchmarking this stage for domestic and foreign events and performances, this stage was especially designed for the World Center, and therefore is unique among Korean performing arts centers.
Four sets of power cylinder lifts enable the moving stage to hold up to two tons. After installing a 60-meter rail, both forward and backward movement is now possible (2.3m/sec). At the World Center, this rotating surface can be installed in the center stage for various schematics adjustments. Since it was used in the commemorative musical for the opening of the World Center, “The Crown of Glory,” the stage has been requested for various concerts and events.

Equipment Specifications

* Moving Stage, Lifts

Equipment Specifications
Stage Size Width 4.4m x Depth 5.4m Stage Forward and
Reverse Speeds
2.3m/ sec
Stage Height Minimum Height: 1.8m,
Maximum Height 5.2m
Stage Surface Material 20 T of Rexalon
Polycarbonate (Clear)
Truss Frame 450 Tons of Silver
Maximum Weight
on Stage
2 tons (distributed)
Stage Rise and
Fall Speeds
About 50mm/sec Rail Length Total 60m(3m rails x20)
Number of Lifts Total 8 (Two for each bogie) Lift Method Power Cylinder
Lift Stroke 1,050mm Lift Speed 50mm/sec
Control Method PLC system synched control,
Remote Controller for Forward and Reverse
Electricity Usage About 30KW
(3 sets of 220V)
Stage Weight About two tons Number of Lift Bogies Total 4

* Turn Table Stage

Turn Table Stage
Turn-Table Stage Size 3.6m Diameter Rotating Speed 27sec/ round
Side Stage Size 5.4m x 4.5m Stage Surface Finishing 15T of Plywood(Black)
Control Method Inverter Motor
(Speed Control Included)
Maximum Weight
on Stage
About 800kg when
using on its own
Actual Weight About 350kg Electricity Usage About 2 kw (A single 220V)


  • - The moving stage was designed by benchmarking from Yong-Pil Jo’s Concerts and other large-scale concerts.
  • - MBC Sunday Night
  • - CheongShim Peace World Center Opening Commemorative Musical. “Crown of Glory”

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