Facilities Amenities
  • Baby Room
    Baby room provides a comfortable nursing sofa, baby beds, and equipped with microwave and other appliances for the convenience of audiences with babies or children.
    Location : Four rooms on the 1st floor, Four rooms on the 2nd floor
  • Play Room
    Play room is a facility for children from 37 months to 7 years old. It’s free to use and room is equipped for children with items such as, slide, children’s books, play toys for intelligence development and many others.
    Location : One on the 1st floor
  • Snack
    Various foods and beverages are prepared for snack that can be easily consumed before events.
    Location : One on the B1F, Two on the 1nd floor, Two on the 2nd floor
  • Coffee & Tea
    Various coffee drinks, made from the best quality coffee beans, and tea is available to drink before events and during intermissions.
    Location : One on the B1F, Two on the 2nd floor
  • Souvenir Shop
    Souvenir shop sells variety of souvenirs to remember CheongShim Peace World Center. The memorial t-shirts, program books, CDs of performance, and the other souvenirs make memories at the World Center more special.
    Location : One on the B1F, one on the 1st floor
  • Lounge
    Lounge is located at a most ideal place within the World Center that invites audience to see the beautiful Cheonpyeong lake and lavish green nature surrounding the venue. This is unique and special space exclusive of World Center where audience can truly relax.
    Location : Four on the 2nd floor
  • Cafeteria
    The Cafeteria provides meals with carefully selected ingredients, and the best service for employees, as well as event staff. (When requesting meals for event staff and performers, please consult with the venue manager beforehand.)
    Location : One on the B1
  • First Aid Room
    All preparations are made for customers in case of an emergency. After basic First Aid treatment is administered, urgent care patients can be quickly transported to the CheongShim International Hospital.
    Location : One Room, B1