CheongShim Art Museum

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CheongShim Peace World Center “Public Art Project”

Artworks by famous Korean artists are exhibited throughout the CheongShim Peace World Center lobbies for the enjoyment of visitors. Not only does the World Center boast the largest performing arts culture infrastructure in Korea, it also strives to become an indoor compound cultural space where anyone can freely enjoy artwork.
The World Center wishes to become an establishment of world-class communication for an even greater audience.

  • Byeong-Ho Kim
    "Soft Collision"
    This piece was created by arranging 1,300 thin and long objects.
    It creates soft collisions, while maintaining the structure of this time.
    While the collision is brief, it offers visual imagery through the sound of expansion.
  • Dong-Shik Noh
    “Gazing at Dandelions”
    Just as we did ourselves, the young girl gazes at the dandelion.
    She blows with her mouth, imagining flying away.
    "Dandelion-Riding the Wind”
    When I was young, I imagined flying away on a dandelion.
    Where do the seeds fly to? Where do they stop?
    Now as an adult, I enter my past imaginations and the dandelion becomes one with the wind and soars to the sky. The young boy lets the wind carry his body on a journey along with the dandelion.
  • Jong-Gu Kim
    “Moving Landscape”
    Using iron powder and videos to represent the modern civilization,
    Kim creates a landscape. On a large canvas, words and pictures of iron
    powder flow downwards, alluding extinction and time.
  • Jeong-Hwa Choi
    “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa (Chandelier),” “Candy (Chairs)”
    Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa represents the most beautiful moment in a person’s life.
    The moment a flower begins to bloom is beautiful but it will eventually wilt,
    and the most beautiful memory will only remain in the heart.
  • Myeong-Bum Kim
    I aimed to join phenomena that only existed in childhood,
    the growth we feel presently and the natural cyclic experiences of decay.
  • Myeong-Bum Kim
    I aimed to join phenomena that only existed in childhood,
    the growth we feel presently and the natural cyclic experiences of decay.
  • Yong-Rae Kwon
    “Evening,” “White River”
    It will be exposed only when you face the lumps of darkness that swallow objects. The beginning of an object is darkness. A single lump of darkness with no consciousness is where the door opens.

    A shard of sharp and warm light seeps into the door crack. The consciousness will awaken the object from a deep coma. It is as concise as a single moan. My piece contains light. The light reflects to reveal its existence.

    Quietly, but intensely, the light is distracted. It presents a beautiful experience to me. The truth is close, unless we depend on the illusion of the light. Recently, I introduced color to my pieces and shapes began to form. The color adds energy and variety.

    When the light turns off, it disappears. Just like a memory of an untouchable and impossible first love, it makes my heart beat fast. The light is not new it has been forgotten. It is something that shines on the floor of memory, which is deeper than the deepest sea. I see my shaking self between the recluse Rembrandt and the flashy Van Gogh.
  • Seong-Hwan Shin
    “Color the World with Light”
    “The space of reality that allows us to read light is both existent and non-existent at the same time.” I expressed the landscape of water, light and sound through digital mechanisms. Through the form of media façade, we can experience the elements in a multi-sensory piece.
  • Seong-Won Won
    “A Seven-Year Old Seagull and a Flowering Pear Tree”
    This is an episode from when I was seven years old. It tells the story of a tree that stands in the fork of the road in front of a young girl who searches for her mother.
  • Yong-Kwan Kim
    “Display Regions of Time Difference”
    The human optical illusion has been applied in a witty way, and the boundaries between the third dimension and plane collapse. As a result, the space and the physics of the objects within the space stop for a moment and are placed on a plane.
  • Yeong-Cheol Jo
    “A Four-Legged Beast for the City-Messenger”
    My work not only uses the form of animals to represent the life forms of earth, it is an image that focuses on their innate primitive and functional forms. I join the characteristic elements of the city and nature using the form of animals, based on the relationships between animals and nature, humans and the city, animals and humans, as well as nature and the city.

    Also, instead of the traditional sculpture, which is in a state of standstill, I applied the concept of a moving display. I attempted to convey various meanings according to the characteristics of the location and circumstance made by the animal forms by installing the sculpture in an actual environment (nature, city, specific circumstances).

    Furthermore, in order to correspond with the nomadic emotion a particular piece of artwork attempts to convey, it was transported to the World Center to make new relationships.