Performance Facilities

Facilities Performance Facilities

Main Floor

The Cheong Shim Peace World Center has two floors containing 16,979 seats, and can seat up to 25,000. The ceiling is 52 meters high, offering a wide view, despite being inside an indoor auditorium. A theater-style stage system, comprising a sound and lighting system, a four-sided electronic display board, folding chairs, etc., are all of the highest caliber in Korea. The Center can host events of various genres, including concerts, corporate conventions and large-scale musicals. As Korea’s largest indoor auditorium, it holds an arena-style venue without a fixed stage, offering various staging options that can be adjusted according to the wishes of the client.


The Center holds five lighting bridges and nineteen set battens. These digital battens can be used to hang items from the ceiling without installing other structures. Additionally, the controller features a memory program, and batten placements can be decided beforehand for easy use.


Convention Lights, Moving Head Lights, Controller, Multi DMX Ports and other features often hard to find in arena-styled auditoriums are found here in the Center. With 356 channels, there is no need to install additional equipment. The lighting technician can also create an optimal picture on stage for various performance genres. Additionally, tracks connecting the outside of the arena to the indoor stage are installed. When installing lights from the seating area, connecting to a power source is easy, provided the numerous electrical outlets placed in each area.


A total of sixty-four Meyer speakers, including an M3D model main speaker and a large-scale line array, project outstanding, appealing sound quality throughout the arena for audience enjoyment. Additionally, from selecting the appropriate sound absorbing panels to the fabric on the chairs, great pains have been taken behind the scenes to provide the best sound for the public ear. Through FOH consoles, digital networks, front fill speakers, etc., the audience will enjoy the performance, as well as the performer.


The high-definition studio control rooms are same in structure in function to those found in broadcasting stations and offer live telecasts, subtitles and editing abilities. A four-sided electronic display board measures 3.84m x 2.88m, and monitors are placed in the waiting areas throughout the building for overflow viewing. Twenty-four media poles also display quality video feed for audiences even as they enter the Center.