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  • After an interval of 10 years, “Let’s Go Dream Team” which was loved by the entire nation from 1999 to 2003 came back as Season 2. It is a program which advocates the dream confrontation for a society that does all its best for victory and knows how to accept the results.


  • Hong Chul Yeo, Min Ho Jang, Sung Jo Choi, Dong Sung Kim, Joon Geun Song, Ricky Lee Neely, Sang Min Lee, Shorry Tae Ho Kwon, Seung Hwa Kang (KBS announcer) Hang Ri Cho (KBS announcer) Hyun Woo Kong, Hyeong Kon (A-jax), Seyong (MYNAME), FeelDog (Big Star), Raccoon(F1rst), RaNia, FIESTAR